About Us

Processed with MOLDIVMy name is Robert Diaz Jr. and I am an addiction counselor and recovery coach. I earned my bachelor of arts in behavioral health with a concentration in addiction studies and my masters in community leadership from Alvernia University. I provide a variety of support services such as personal one-on-one coaching, support groups, and family interventions.

I also do drug prevention/intervention programs for youth and young adults. These programs share a positive encouraging message to stay away from destructive behaviors in a format that is engaging. I desire to help, develop, and change communities that are debilitated due to the drug, alcohol, and gang epidemic.

My Personal Journey To Recovery

I was raised in a chaotic environment. I experienced several traumas growing up and coped with drugs and alcohol. Those choices led me to make other poor decisions that led me to being incarcerated from 1991-1993. In addition to being imprisoned, I lost several jobs and even my marriage. I burned several bridges and found myself hopeless. My family tried several interventions on me that I rejected. In February 2009, I hit my rock bottom. I reached out to my uncle for help. He let me know about a long-term inpatient program called Teen Challenge. I successfully graduated that program. That program supported and encouraged me to change my life completely. After graduating the program, I stayed with them to serve as an intern, which eventually led me to a full time staff position in the counseling department. My life of recovery has allowed me to achieve many opportunities that I had lost. In 2013, I graduated from Alvernia University with a bachelors in behavioral health sciences with a concentration in addiction studies. Soon after I returned to Alvernia for graduate school and in 2015 earned my masters in community leadership. I also earned several state certifications and serve on numerous substance abuse and mental health committees in my community. All things have been made new in my life. I am now married to my wife, Katherine Lloyd Diaz, who helps me serve. We are passionate about meeting the needs of our community especially those who have lost hope. No matter how far in the wrong direction you or your loved one has gone, know there is hope and help to turn your life or your loved one’s life around.